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Hiking Kit
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There's nothing worse than not being prepared when you're about to go out into the great outdoors with your best friend. This is a kit that has all of our favorite products in it for those "just incase" moments.

What's included:
1 oz. Nail and Wound Powder (for those wounds that keep bleeding)
2 oz. Skin Salve (for any scratches, rashes, bruises)
4 oz. Bug Spray (hello, mosquitos!)
2 oz. Ear Cleaner (for after a good swim)

All of these products are safe for dogs AND you! The "kit" is made of a durable canvas cloth that has velcro to make sure nothing falls out. Keep it in your hiking pack and know you'll have it "just incase".

Approx. 8" x 7 " when closed

Safe for dogs and cats. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or replace medical attention in anyway. Please use at your own discretion.

Ships within 3 business days. USPS Flat Rate 2-3 Days.

Use code: localpickup at checkout if you're local and can pick up in Wasilla, Alaska (eliminate shipping!)

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